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References from our colleagues

„I am satisfied with the company, I get the wages on time and for 12 years I have been working here I have had no problems, neither the company with me. Thank you."

— Milan

I think the diversity of work is always a new challenge for me and with every new job comes a new impetus for work, because I get to know new people and the mentality of the country in which we work. Of course, this includes beautiful surroundings, accommodation, a good work team and, above all, my rating on the part of the company. This increases the appetite for work and loss of consciousness."

— Miroslav

„On the part of the employer, I evaluate the right approach, the good team, the type of work and the financial evaluation and I am happy that I am a member of the ZVAR team. "

— Stanislav G.

„It is the only company in the region that is legally active in the foreign labor market. My life has changed since I started working at Zvar. At Zvar, the experience of older, experienced employees was passed on to new ones, so that Zvar has an excellent reputation among customers."

— Imrich K.

„ZVAR is a solid company that keeps its word"

— Anton K.
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