News from the area of ZVAR development as well as from the area of improving the qualification of employees
Opening of a new and modern LETIA bakery


  • our company opens a new and modern bakery LETIA, which deals with the production of bakery products from quality and healthy ingredients. We offer work in a pleasant environment, in a small bakery, which is connected to the sales part of healthy food, cafe and children's corner.
Change of organizational structure within the staff


  • Creation of new posts in the internal component, in terms of staffing and organizational activities
  • The exchange of external staff and the recruitment of new skilled labor
  • The offer of work taught in the field, i.e. secondary vocational schools
In case of need and requirements of the client


  • Purchase additional company cars
  • The provision of specialized work equipment and tools
  • Ensuring work clothes (color, appearance, marking, etc.)
Building company relations, promotion of advertising and promotional activities


  • Investment in the municipal school gymnasium in the framework of assistance, visibility and possible rental for corporate internal and external staff
  • Charitable work

We are looking for new investors in the area of production for business development at our location who are connected with the creation of new jobs.

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