Our company places great emphasis on the safety and security of our employees, being an essential component in a complete organization and is an important and essential element in maintaining the proper functioning of every company that matters to its employees, their better motivation for increasing work efficiency.

It is in the interest of the company not only to protect the employee, but also to protect each contractual partner, while relying on the expertise of our staff in this field in the implementation of projects.
We work with an accredited team of trainers and qualified staff who are in charge of the entire OSH agenda.

Every employee must undergo training on occupational safety and health (OHS) before leaving. At the same time, they will receive protective working clothes if necessary, protective aids, resp. other documentation requiring such as an SCC certificate.

An important part is the initial medical examination, which is paid automatically by the employer to each employee. The inspection should include the most relevant and authoritative information on the sub-examinations that indicate the satisfactory health status of the particular type of employee’s profession.

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