Among the main priorities of our company is quality human potential, which constitutes the basic premise for successful project implementations. We emphasize the development of professional skills and personal growth of our employees. Our highly qualified team of workers makes us significantly different from the competition.

ZVAR, s.r.o. company is implementing a project called Training of employees within the Operational Employment Programme and Social Inclusion. Priority 1 – Supporting employment growth, Measure 1.2. – Support creating and maintaining jobs by increasing adaptability of workers, companies and business supporting, Framing activity 1.2.1. – Adaptability support of companies, entrepreneurs, business associations and regions.

The main objective of the project is to increase communication skills of our employees in foreign languages, increase their educational level and qualifications.

The outputs of the project are employees with higher education levels, which contributes to the improvement of quality of work and to the satisfaction of the customers.



Basic courses and training that our employees can attend

Tradesmen have the opportunity of training and obtaining various licenses and certifications within the cooperation with foreign companies.

If tradesmen have a contract with us and cooperate with us in a long term they can get the following licenses:

Welding courses for:

  • Z – G1 Basic Oxy-fuel welding course (Method 311)
  • Z – E1 Basic Shielded metal arc welding course (Method 111)
  • Z – M1 Basic Gas metal arc welding course (Method 135)
  • DZ – M1 Additional Gas metal arc welding course for graduates of the Z – E1 course
  • Z – M3 Basic Gas metal arc welding in argon atmosphere of high austenitic steels (MIG) course
  • Z – M7 Basic Gas metal arc welding in atmosphere with argon aluminium and its alloys (MIG) course
  • Z – T1 Basic Gas metal arc welding in protective atmosphere of unalloyed and low alloyed steel gases course (Method 141)
  • Z – T3 Basic Gas metal arc welding in protective atmosphere of high austenitic steel gases course (Method 141)
  • Z – T7 Basic Gas metal arc welding protective atmosphere of argon and aluminium and its alloys, tungsten inert gas (TIG)


  • D – G2 oxy-fuel cutting training
  • D – G3 flame straightening training
  • D – G5 heating by flame training
  • D – E1 tacking with an electric arc training
  • D – E2 cutting and gouging with an electric arc training
  • D – E3 carbon arc gouging training
  • D – E4 plasma arc cutting training
  • D – I1 laser cutting training
  • D – R1 spot resistance welding training
  • Soldering course according to STN EN ISO 13585
  • Examination of Steel soldering course
  • Examination of High-alloy austenitic steels soldering course
  • Examination of Copper and its alloys soldering course
  • Examination of Combined materials (e.g. Copper and stainless steel) soldering course

Other courses and trainings:

  • Operating cranes, access and other platforms, pressure and lifting equipment, asynchronous motors controlling, operating grapple truck, rack stackers operating course
  • Courses for all kinds of forklifts drivers, conversion training, licenses widening
  • Construction machinery education for workers
  • Training and retraining programs in engineering
  • Management systems training and control systems servicing
  • Load binder course
  • Incendiary course
  • Crane course
  • Electrician course in accordance with the decree law 508/2009 Z.z. §21, §22, §23