We are a modern construction company, which entered the construction market more than 20 years ago. We provide realisation of structures of various types according to the customer requirements. Thanks to the flexibility and professionalism of our employees we are able to fulfil the demands of our clients quickly and efficiently. We place emphasis on high quality and consistent adherence to deadlines.

During our development we became a strong and stable assembly company especially in constructing presses. We have completed over 420 locksmithery, welding and electrician contracts and we have recently obtained the international quality certificate known by the acronym ISO.

Our company realizes our activities worldwide, but especially in the European Union. We cooperate mainly with large companies, such as the Czech company Žďas a.s. and the German company Scholpp Montage GmbH and Schuler. Our main activities besides assembling and special servicing of all types of presses are particularly complex building constructions as structural engineering, civil engineering works, industrial and road engineering.
ZVAR, s.r.o.
Vision and Mission of Organization

The quality of services provided
achieve a stable service quality while improving the overall performance of the company,
to meet current and future requirements, needs and expectations of customers, end-users and stakeholders and thus achieve complete customer satisfaction with the services provided,
continually improve the management system so as to fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008
lead all employees accountable for the quality to the continuous reduction of defects during the processes and services,
receive and evaluate quality objectives for the purpose of improving the quality management system,
improve the qualifications, competency, commitment and awareness of the company’s employees to the achievement of quality,
to maintain and improve the management system to ensure continuous flow of information and its dissemination to each department,
an ongoing examination of the quality management system, its efficiency, functionality and efficiency. Continuously improve the quality of services provided to the monitoring and measurement processes.

In the area of environmental management
Maintain and develop envorinmentálneho management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004, taking account of environmental legislation and other requirements,
active prevention and continuous improvement processes to minimize adverse impacts associated with the implementation of activities on the environment and prevent ecological threat,
take into account environmental considerations when purchasing materials, energy and services and the introduction of new processes and technologies,
continuously improve the environmental performance of the company,
monitor and evaluate indicators that reflect the impact on the environment,
receive and evaluate long-term and short-term objectives for the relevant levels of society so that they are mandatory, comply with the relevant legislation and other requirements and related to environmental aspects,
in relation to its environmental aspects and environmental management system, improve the level of internal and external communication,
improve the level of training of employees who have the potential to cause significant environmental impact identified by staff and raise awareness and environmental responsibility.

Common provisions
To get acquainted with the policy of quality and environment of all employees of the company so that it understand and implement the requirements of the integrated management system
plan and provide adequate resources and means to ensure the implementation of a policy of quality and environment.
Our target is not be the first or the best, we want to be competitive and we want to meet customer requirements, so that by leaving us satisfied.